Linden Public leaves its doors open a little later on the weekends to serve up some of your favorite beers and wines. We also serve hand crafted cocktails. "The Bar" is open Friday and Saturday evenings. Come in and enjoy artfully crafted beers and some of the best wine Long Beach has to offer.

We'll make it the old-fashioned way. It takes a mindful eye and a delicate hand to draw out coffee’s complex flavors. It is arguably the simplest method without being too difficult. This method will produce a noticeably more delicate and complex flavor than that of a regular drip machine.

It's who we are. It's what we do. Enthusiastic artisans and local roasters ensures that our beans are fresh, custom-made, and prepared in a way that provides you with the very best flavored coffee available.

Artistically brewed coffee expression. A full-flavored, concentrated form of coffee that is served in “shots.” Let our Artisan Baristas make your next espresso. They'll masterfully extract all the delicate flavors into your concentrated crema coffee. You'll absolutely love our crema, full-flavored espresso.

Choose from our amazing collection of artisan teas. Sit back and enjoy the moment while taking a sip from our locally curated and blended teas.

Linden Public on the corner of Linden & Broadway provides locals an extraordinary offering of artisan crafted and locally sourced food and beverages. From our menu of delicious home made recipes, prepared fresh and daily from local farms to our wonderful array of locally roasted coffee, we are a place for everyone to experience the "local" flavors. Along with our amazing coffees, Linden Public offers a carefully perpared wine list. We welcome you to join us for our weekend brunches.

We love people to stay and relax at our bistro but if you're on the 'go' we have a pick-up/order window for you too.